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Into the Abyss

A Statement on the Budget for 2024 for Sri Lanka

28 November 2023

The Feminist Collective for Economic Justice (FCEJ)'s analysis of the 2024 Budget for Sri Lanka. The budget failed to recognise that a key way out of the crisis for a country is by investing in its people. It was clear that the Wickremesinghe-Rajapakse Government was unwilling to
change its anti-people economic trajectory. This statement stands in solidarity with the working people of this country and share in their despair as they struggle to survive each day under the heavy yoke placed by the Government and the IMF recommended economic recovery programme. It reiterates repeated demands for addressing food insecurity as a priority and universal public provisioning of social protection, including free education and health.

Policy Brief on Social Protection for Sri Lanka:
A Progressive Gender Sensitive Response to the Crisis

25 May 2023

The Feminist Collective for Economic Justice (FCEJ) conducted research on social protection policies in Sri Lanka, to better understand the impact of the crisis on the lives of people and identify an appropriate design for social protection in the context of the economic crisis. This policy brief provides the main insights and recommendations for a gender sensitive social protection programme. A holistic policy must respond to inadequacy of wages, impact of inflation, food insecurity and impact of food insecurity, challenges to accessing free health and education and the overall increase in the number of people experiencing poverty.

8 May 2023

FCEJ's raises serious concerns about the social security proposals by Sri Lanka's Welfare Benefit Board assisted by the World Bank and endorsed by IMF. The new scheme excludes households, fails to respond to complexities of poverty and mobilizes a language of 'lazy, conniving, free loaders' against poor and working people.

8 March 2023

On International Women's Day 2022 FCEJ's statement raises serious concerns in Sri Lanka that require urgent attention and course correction to respond to the economic crisis.

16 November 2022

Sri Lankan feminist analysis of the Government's budget proposal for the year 2023.

FCEJ statement on State Crackdown of protestors on 9 Oct 2022 (E/S/T)

9 October 2022

In response to police intimidation, violence and arbitrary arrest against people gathered today at Galle Face Green, Colombo, Sri Lanka, the FCEJ statement highlights the blatant abuse of power and also responds to the extremely troubling narrative attempting to discredit women engaged in protests who bring their children along.

September 2022

An overview of the political and economic situation in response to the unprecedented economic crisis in Sri Lanka. This brief was published in The Morning in October 2022.

28 June 2022

This article discusses the limitations of targeted social security schemes in addressing Sri Lanka's current crisis. It argues for universal reach to effectively respond to peoples immediate suffering, and its importance for long-term social and economic recovery.

April 2022

Sri Lanka is witnessing an unfolding humanitarian crisis, causing increased poverty and inequality. This statement reflects on the current economic crisis and proposes solutions within a feminist framework that prioratises peoples lived experiences and needs.

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